Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Carrot halwa

One of my favorite Indian sweets . . . and it’s made with veggies, so you can even pretend it’s healthy! (Note: this is not to be confused with halva, the sesame sweet from the Middle East. I admit I wasn’t sure what to think when someone told me they were giving me halva and then handed me a bowl o’ carrots).

Carrots, finely grated
Milk – just enough to cover the carrots
Ground cardamom
Cashews, chopped
White raisins

Boil the carrots in the milk till they’re basically soft (they can have a bit of a crunch, for texture). Add sugar and cardamom to taste; toss in some raisins if you like. Boil for a few more minutes, to blend the flavors.

In a pan, toast the cashews; add them to the carrot mixture. Let it cool before serving.

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