Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Basic Roti

Tasty Indian flatbreads that’re actually really easy! This recipe will make about 10 – 15 rotis.

2 cups atta (coarsely ground whole wheat flour . . . but I think it might be ok with regular wheat flour too)
About 1 ½ tbs oil
1 tsp salt
A few tablespoons of water
More oil, for cooking

Combine flour, oil, and salt. Add water little by little, kneading until the dough becomes a soft, pliable (but not sticky) ball. Cover it tightly and set it aside for one hour.

After an hour, knead the dough for about 10-15 minutes. Unlike yeast breads, more kneading will actually make this softer! Break off 1-inch pieces and roll into little balls with your hands. With a rolling pin, roll them into very thin little flatbreads. It’s good to find a friend for this part, so one person can roll while the other can fry!

Heat a nonstick pan, and plop a rolled-out roti onto it. Holding a balled-up dishcloth on your hands (so you don’t burn your fingers!), keep turning the roti (as in, spinning it around in a little circle, not flipping it) for the first 30 seconds, so the whole surface cooks evenly. Then, still holding the dishcloth, press down on the edges of the roti while continuing to rotate it in the pan – this makes the middle puff up (so cool!). Continue cooking this way for about a minute, then flip the roti. Spread about ¼ tsp of oil on the cooked side, then flip again and do the same on the other. Flip back and forth till both sides are golden brown.

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